Blog-Haul: My New Nike Womens Flex Trainer 2’s (total GYM MODIVATION)

So for a while now I’ve been having my eye on a pair of good running shoes. Not the generic kind that you buy at Walmart, a reeeeally good pair, that got me motivated to go to the gym. Basically, I wanted to stop looking like this;


And start looking more like this;


So, yesterday at famous footwear I got a pair of Nike Flex Trainer 2’s. I got mine in this sea blue and pink color, which I’ll post pictures of below! They’re sooo comfy, and although I haven’t gotten a chance to wear them out yet (it’s been a day!) I can tell they’ll be a hit. I haven’t even seen them on me in all my work out outfit glory, because when I tried them on in the store I was wearing these floral trapeze pants which are so not meant to go with Nikes.


Here’s the color I got, it’s 69.99 at Famous Footwear, so the total was $70 and some change. I also got a couple pairs of those white socks that look like ballet flats, for $10.

Right now they’re having a BOGO sale, so you can save some money shopping for school shoes for kids!

Here’s some other colors I saw that they had for these: