Journa-Blog: Finally Blonde!!

Finally (sighs), I’m blonde! Well, highlighted pretty blonde! So before I forget, I want to tell you the numbers, photos, ect. I got a number 7 base, which is like an ash brown


Then I got highlights added in a blonde color, like this!


My hair looked amazing!! I mean it was waaaay blonde. Extremely different from my “2” colored hair, if you know hair colors. If not, a 2 is a dark brown, almost black.

After my hair was dyed, I went to Sally’s with my mom (you should always go with someone to get extensions from a supply store. You can’t get a perfect color match yourself!)

These are the exact colors I got from Sally’s:

#27 Sassy Straight Hair 10 inches


I got 10 inches so I could use it for the top of my head, because I want a layered look, and when you layer, curled hair looks way bouncier!!

#F27/613 Sassy Straight Hair 18 inches


I love 18 inches because of the length. Like I said in my previous hair extension post, getting a longer length is better. It’s better because when you use heat on hair extensions, they get split ends just like out normal hair, and break off. Eventually, it gets so nasty and dead at the ends, your extensions need a trim. It’s easier and way less expensive, clipping an inch off of 18 inch extensions then having to buy a whole new pack of them because they’re too short. With 18 inches, the hair will last for about 4 cuts of 1 inch, which is a whole half a year!

So, that’s the update for now, but liken eager kid on Christmas I’ve been staring at the extensions waiting for tomorrow! (the day they get put in). I’ve even held them up to my head to see how theyd look, and they look awesome!! I cant wait till I get to show you how I went from a 2 to a 27!!

Love, Eva