Journa-blog: Im Comfy and Cute at the Mall!


Shopping Days are the best days ever! What’s my number one tip I can offer anyone? Own a fashion piggy bank! Its your own personal piggy bank for achieving fashion goals. Say you want a new underwear collection from Victorias secret pink. Save your change, collect it and before you know it, you’ll have enough! Ill do a complete tutorial on mine and how mine works next. So anyway, California has been waaay too hot lately, so I find myself more and more at the mall (uhm, hello? Free air conditioning!). As easy as it is to run to the mall in your workout outfit, it’s also normally hideous. Here’s how I got an effortlessly cool look at the mall. Literally, I picled up the shirt and shorts I wore off my bedroom floor. They were the closest things by my bed….awkward.

So my Mall Outfit of the day, is a woven fedora with a polka dot ribbon around it, a striped satin ruffle blue camisole from forever 21, dark jean Hollister shorts and my new Nike Flex’s. I used my yellow leather Fossil Satchel!

Makeup and Hair were a little more bold, with cute curls and bright “Dollhouse” pink lipstick. I used Sephora Matifying foundation as well!

Perfume I used was Gucci Guilty, which is a lotion that I rubbed on my wrists and neck, and I used Tommy Girl from Tommy Hilfiger as my perfume spray.

Hope you enjoyed this look!