My Best Advice: Freshman Entering High school, my story

I remember when I was becoming a freshman in High School. Yes, I’ll admit I totally watched all those “advice for freshman” YouTube videos people made. I was so excited beyond belief.


Thinking back to my first day outfit, I still remember what I wanted to wear and how stupid I was. So I had bought these white hollister shorts, which were really cute! And I had a purple v neck. Good outfit right? Not so fast. I wanted to wear my ghetto, worn out high purple soccer socks that I put over my shin guards. WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!. My mom said no, and I was so upset. But thinking back, omg I’m so glad I didn’t do that.


If your mom thinks you look stupid, you probably do. No matter how much you tell yourself you look hot. No. You do not. I sure didn’t. On the other hand, don’t let your mom dress you, unless she’s super stylish and beautiful.


To be honest, you’ll most likely have sucky hair the first two years of high school. You’ll still be trying to figure out who you are and what you like exactly. I went through a scene phase (yes, poor me) and totally teased my hair, the whole shebang. If thats who you are, go for it! But it wasn’t who I was, in fact, it was the total opposite of me. I also went through a total hair extension phase, which was cool, only I didn’t exactly know what to do with them until senior year.


Your hair will suck the first year. To aid this, COMPLETELY avoid the latest trends, or what your friends a doing. It’s wrong. Look at the senior girls, and this isn’t meant to be superficial, I’m just saying they went through freshman year and got it right in the long run. What does their hair look like? Tamed, right? No huge side parts, no stick straight, over the eye bangs, and no scene hair. Just have normal hair. And absolutely do not dye it an unnatural color, unless it’s a streak, ombré, or dip dye. You will be known as the girl with the pink hair to everyone, including the seniors.


When I was a freshman, I hooked up with one guy I liked in 8th grade, and when I say hooked up, I mean, made out with innocently. Not fucked. Do not have sex. You think it’s cool freshman year? I’m a person that’s graduated and trust me, you find out everyone’s business, and they find out yours…very fast. And no, it’s not super cool to do that, In fact, you will be labeled as a slut, and that’s the truth. Also, don’t hook up with the senior boys. If a senior boy is trying to get with you, you should be wondering why he can’t get anyone his age. And no, it’s not because he loves your personality. It’s because he’s been with all of the senior girls already and nobody wants him. He has to downgrade. That’s the honest truth too. Also, I had my first “love” freshman year. I’ll admit gladly on how stupidly I acted because I thought my boyfriend of two months (who was also my best guy friend) and I were destined to be together forever. Don’t waste your time or your tears on a freshman relationship.


Just freshman year, stay away from long term relationships. Freshman year is your time to get yourself known, friendship wise. There’s so many new people to meet and become friends with, if you waste your time dating the first guy you meet, you’re just labeled as someone weird and you’ll have a slim chance of making friends any year after this. When you’re a freshman, be hard to get but easy to talk to. Be cute, innocent and normal. You want to seem like you’re way ahead of the crowd. You don’t have to have scene hair or a lot of makeup to be cool. You want to be cool because you’re naturally pretty, and fun to be with.


If you’re wearing foundation freshman year, and you don’t have severe acne scars, you better wipe that off. You don’t need it. Stop playing in your moms makeup. Also, eyeliner is so out. Its out by sophomore year. All you need is this: mascara, lipgloss or lipstick (You are not allowed to wear red until junior year), and blush, and I also like a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the top lid to make my eyes look bigger. But no eyeshadow (nobody wears that who matters) and no around the eyelids eyeliner. It looks like you’re a bro ho.


You’ll just look like you’re trying too hard! I guarantee! And you’re most likely gorgeous without it all. Most girls are, and the ones that arent, shouldn’t be trying with makeup anyway. Makeup is better a little at a time.


You shouldn’t be wearing a thong unless you’re in dance, and you’re good at it, and your costumes require no underwear lines. If you’re wearing a g string as a freshman, there’s no room to grow I the future. That made no sense. Let me clarify. Okay so let’s say you’re a freshman, you’ve had sex, you wear a ton of makeup, and you wear slutty clothes. Who the hell will you be as a senior??? Pregnant and with herpes???? Freshman year you want this; cute, innocent, pretty, likeable. This is what will get guys talking about you the right way. And guess what girls? They’ll desire you a thousand times more than sexy,hot,slutty,dirty, and too much makeup.


No ones gonna see your thong except for the fat chick you change next to before P.E, get over your slutty self.

Lying about Who You Are

There’s this chick at our high school who was a freshman and pretty much lied about her entire life. She was extremely ghetto, and had about 30 alter egos. She was a graffiti artist who apparently tagged walls….a down to earth surfer, a skater girl, a nightclub addict (yeah? At 14 you are??) and a dancer. Please.


Just be yourself! Even if you have no clue who you are, at least be who you are. If you’ve never stepped foot in a club in your life, don’t post Facebook statuses of you going to a club that is 18+. It’s so fake, and not you! It attracts the wrong crowd, the crowd that will use you because they know you’re insecure. If you’re yourself, that’s one less thing for people to talk behind your back about.

To Sum It All Up…

Freshman year, everyone will be awkward. You’ll all think you’re cool. You will be cool if you have an older sibling that is cool. That’s just how life works. You’ll do stupid things, you’ll think kissing someone is a huge deal (spoiler alert: it’s not). Some girls might get pregnant. Some guys will do drugs. Everyone will be immature. A lot of boys will push each other around in the hallways. It’s how they show they’re friends… I know, it makes no sense, but that’s what freshmen do. You’ll think you have to wear makeup. You don’t. Chances are you’re pretty. Drama is fun. Don’t be afraid to join the class! Cheerleaders aren’t always the most popular girls. In fact, everyone kind of feels sorry for cheer because they have so much inner circle drama. Boys will bet their friends to see if they can hook up with you. You’ll fall for it, and they’ll tell you senior year. You might pee your pants once in a while, so keep a change of clothes in your locker. You’ll get stuff stolen. I went to the whitest school ever, and I’ve gotten stuff stolen all the time. Your hair probably won’t be attractive, unless you read a lot of magazines. If you want a “Senior Most” as in those things in the yearbook that say “best laugh” ect… Start working for it now. You won’t win anything if you suddenly start dressing nice and laughing all the time senior year. Your yearbook picture will stink unless you carefully plan out your hair and outfit days ahead. And most importantly… If you think you need to get noticed by the seniors, juniors and even sophomores to be cool… You’re going about everything all wrong.

Don’t have sex. Point blank.

Don’t wear eyeliner. You won’t know how to use it properly till junior year.

Don’t wear eyeshadow unless it’s a brown color.

No one wears smokey eye makeup at school.

A thong is pointless until you’re a junior/senior

Be yourself. BE YOURSELF!!!


Theres me freshman year with my drama class, im down on the floor in the middle, with the boots!