Journa-Blog: College Talk! Student Life Orientation

So here I am, sitting at Student Life Orientation for my college, the day where were all supposed to meet and bond, yhaddayhaddayhadda. Hilariously, i can tell everyone feels immensely awkward. Here we are in a huge open quad with plenty of four seat tables, and theres about one kid to each one. The rest of the kids are pooling in the back, because they’re too socially inept to go sit down. Poor them. I, luckily, snagged my own table the moment I got here.

That didn’t stop one poor girl from almost peeing her pants while she clambered to get the following words out; “can I…I…uh…” points to a chair

“Sure!” I say… O.o

So now she’s sitting here across from me texting, and we’re both ignoring the fact that I’m making a terrible wheezing noise from my nose since I’m sick with a cold.

I look around once more. A kid brought a huge backpack to something that requires absolutely nothing brought from home… Is he going to blow us up? (my first instinct). There’s a group of guys who can’t be more than 5″6, standing in the back facing straight with about 2 feet between each one, as if waiting to be called up or something. Heavy acne, gaming t-shirts, a couple wearing douchey sunglasses… The epitome of awkward. They aren’t even talking to each other.

On wait, just realized something more. On the other side to the awkward boys, how could I miss! The awkward girls! Mostly Asian and clinging to their iPhones, the awkward girls definately compliment the pool of awkward guys.

There’s a soft clambering of voices now. Things are getting more crowded. My nose is getting too drippy to handle, so I make a break for the bathroom. A mom and daughter walk in at the same time, and the mom is explaining to the daughter, who’s freaking the hell out, some lesson on how to make friends.

Really? I mean, how awkward can things get? I know it’s inevitable, and there’s no way this couldn’t be awkward, so I’m not going to say I don’t understand it. I guess I just miss the familiar faces, the feeling of ownership to the school, you know, that feeling you get when you’re a senior and you walk on campus the first day of school? We’re all so lost, so scared. We don’t know what we’re doing and were all afraid to ask how to not be so awkward.

I guess well loosen up with time, but right now, sitting here at this table with a random girl across from me… I want to poop.