Journa-Blog: 1,000 Views Today!

A month ago, I finally decided that I’d start a blog. I searched for the best blog hosting site out there and stumbled upon WordPress! Since then, I’ve been so dedicated to my blog that I’ve been religiously posting more than one story a day. I’ve been working so hard on this thing!!

Blogging is amazing. I feel like I’m helping people, which is ultimately what I want to achieve in life. It sounds so crazy, but someday I want to be the next Oprah. I want my own talk show where I help people! My college major is journalism, and I really want an internship as early as possible, or even a job! Jobs don’t come easy though…unless you can show some “material”, so blogging is a great way to force yourself to write. When I first started searching for jobs demanding material , I had like one article. I now have 60 to choose from! It’s just been such a great journey with WordPress, and I’m already benefitting for my personal growth. Even if you aren’t trying to land a journalism job, blogging is fun!! It’s like a diary, only you’ll actually stick to it. Plus, it’s totally non juvenile. Theres no lock and key that goes with it! (i totally had one of those diaries).

Anyhow, thank you so much WordPress and all you trusty readers out there. I remember when I first started, had three views and thought I was straight balling. Nope. And I remember seeing a girl with a whole 72 followers and thinking that was crazy! Now, with 47 followers who I’m extremely grateful for, and 1027 views from all over the world, I am so blessed that I’m able to blog every day about what I love, what my life brings me and what I have to offer to help others. In one month, my life gained a little more meaning, and my future dreams became a little bit closer.

Thank you so much WordPress and all my readers!
Love, Eva