Website Review: MacBook Pro For $600? Um, Yes Please!!

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged, but my life has been so dull lately to be honest! There’s been no shopping lately (sad face) because I’m terribly poor, so I can’t do any reviews! Speaking of terribly poor, one thing is interesting in my life; a new laptop for school! Now laptops are pretty dang expensive, right? Especially MacBooks.

Lucky for me, I have a friend who showed me a website I’ll never forget…well, I’ll probably forget it because you only buy a laptop so many times in your life…

Anyhow, the website is called Gainsaver and you can totally click on that word to take you straight there (I’m so nice to you guys). Trust me, I get it and I’m just like you. When I’m about to spend hundreds of dollars, I’m going to be paying on a legit website, even if it means more. “You get what you pay for”, “don’t trust deals that are too good to be true”, yhaddayhadda. And if my best friends dad hadn’t already used this website with great results… I wouldn’t be ordering it off it either. Only crying at my keyboard wishing it was legit.

But it is.

This website sells refurbished computers, pcs, MacBooks, MacBook pros, macs, MacBook airs, even tablets- for hundreds of dollars cheaper. They have every model of laptop dating back to the 2006 MacBooks! You know, those plastic white things? So I come over to my friends house to check out her new MacBook. It’s gorgeous. It looks brand spanking new, it’s bright and shiny and it even had the true Apple MacBook box right beside it. I legitimately thought it was straight out of the apple store, the 2012 model. It wasn’t until a month later that I found out casually that she got this 2009 13.3″ MacBook for a measly $520.00 …say what??!?! Here I am, looking at thousand dollar crappy dell ultrabooks, when the laptop I want is at 520 bucks on Gainsaver. I tell my dad about it, and now tomorrow were ordering myself a MacBook Pro for $670.00

One Problemo.

Tax is $55, and the most standard 3-5 day shipping is $33.00, which isn’t bad, considering its a heavy laptop that’s being packaged perfectly and shipped. I’m a little bitch though. Adding nearly $100 to the price is a nuisance to me, but that’s how it’d be if I ordered a laptop anywhere though.

All in all, Gainsaver is totally legit, and if you’re looking for a new school laptop for a kid, or maybe a work laptop for yourself, there’s plenty here to choose from! Don’t let money stop you from getting a great apple computer! I certainly am in love with my friends. I can’t wait to love mine!