Beachy waves in 20 minutes!


So earlier today I was feeling adventurous and decided to try out a hairstyle I saw on pinterest. It was how to get beachy waves! Now I wear extensions that naturally are straight so if this worked for me it can work for anyones hair! I didnt exactly go off of the instructions on pinterest because it would take too long! Here’s what I did to get this look:

Step 1: I wet my hair so it was damp

2: I divided my hair into two sections

3: I sprayed on a curl tousle spray that I’m pretty sure is from herbal essences (I’ll clarify tonight)

4: I scrunched up my hair big time. Try not to care about smushing your hair into a ball in your fist a few times

5: I twisted my hair into a long twist. Just like a braid only a twist… Idk how to explain it.

6. I ran my straightener over the twist while my other hand was keeping it straight and long. Run it over with a straightener three times.

7: then I peeked… Don’t do that and don’t unroll the twist. Instead, roll the twist up even tighter into a princess lea bun on the side of your head.

8: do the other side!

9: wait 20 minutes for everything to set and dry

10: unroll, spray once more with the tousle spray and then blow dry upside down.

11: wallah! You should look soooo beachy by now! Go out and enjoy your beautiful locks! (: