Coed Sleepovers: Real Talk

Junior year I was introduced to coed sleepovers. It was my best friends, and It was during spring break. I lied to my parents and went, telling them it was all girls. Before you jump to conclusions on what a terrible, teenage angsty thing the whole situation might sound, let me tell you, it was nothing like that. It was the best time I’ve had at a sleepover. We laughed, we watched movies, we swam and then stayed up till 7:30 AM playing games and talking. Now I understand that a whole lot of kids aren’t as clean as I am, and that im from a particularly “good” part of town, but honestly, I’m not perfect. Let’s just leave it at that. I’m a normal suburban teenage girl.

This post is for all you parents and future parents out there.

My experience with coed sleepovers is just as uneventful as a normal girl sleepover. We talk, watch television and eat food. It’s because if you add guys Into the equation (as long as they’re close friends) its absolutely no different. Sleepovers are meant to have one night of hanging out and being lazy with your closest friends, and nothing should change if your best friend is a guy. In my experience, I’ve never once met a person who goes to a sleepover to do things they shouldn’t be doing.

Honestly, yes, I understand it’s hard to let your kids have that much freedom. There’s a lot of trust involved. But hey, if you’ve got a great relationship with your kid, you should know his or her best friends, and you definitely should know their morals. My group of best friends since freshman year consists of girls and boys, and both are my absolute trusted and close best buds. For me, gender couldn’t matter any less. My best friends are my best friends. So yes. When your kid wants to sleepover with a ton of his or her absolute best friends who you’ve known, heard of, given rides to multiple times and Facebook stalked behind your teens back (literally, seriously it’s cool my mom and I stalk people together) then you should absolutely let them go.

And I get this point also. You think you know what goes on behind closed doors, so you think that’s what we do. I know very little about the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but I’ve heard the phrase Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll a lot. Now like I said again, this may not be true for other kids, but when I’m with my friends, it’s literally: Pizza, video games, movies and texting. And talking about our lives an funny times we’ve had.

Now that’s friendship, and that’s what the best of friends do when they’re getting together. It’s just sheer hanging out with people who make you laugh! Parents, I can honestly say coed sleepovers have made my high school experience do much better. I have the best friends ever. Last night I slept over my absolute best guy friends house with my boyfriend and my best girl friend, and we watched an episode of True Blood, played a video game ad then watched spongebob while making cookies…cookies people. There’s nothing to be skeptical about. Long story short, if you know the kids who will be there and you think they’re decent friends to trust, give your kid the chance. They won’t misuse your trust.

A Great Way to get some insight for yourself is to host a coed sleepover! It’s easy and effortless! I love hanging out with my best friends mom. If your kid has a problem with you popping in and out ad making conversation, that’s the key to maybe not letting your kid have so much freedom. You’re taking a big step and giving out a lot letting this happen, since I know everyone has those unspoken fears of the worst case scenario. If your kid can’t meet in the middle with you, you’re not getting the respect you deserve.

Give your kid a chance, and they’ll thank you in return. The best way to get your kid to communicate with you is to make trust and communication easy for them. Understand your kid as their own person, not as who you were at their age. That’s all we ask!

Nick and I laying on the floor while watching TV


Nick pretending to row a boat in the Olympics as we wait for the cookies to bake!