Journa-Blog: Waiting for my MacBook to Arrive

It’s a sad day in Diamond Bar today. The Weather is overcast, the streets are quiet, and my laptop…still hasn’t arrived.

Here I am, waiting at my window for the lovely man that will deliver my package. Now you may be thinking I’m completely overreacting. The thing is, I’m not! This laptop was supposed to be in my hands on June 18th, my graduation day. It was supposed to be my present. My dad, though, never ordered it.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months of an emotional battle of being poor and not being able to afford the laptop anymore. I was really, really upset.

My birthday present from my parents was going to be the laptop. Then my birthday passed and bills came. Nearly three months from when we originally wanted to order it, and a month from my birthday, I’m present less.

Just last weekend my dad FINALLY ordered it!!! I was so excited! It said it would come in 3-5 business days, but I looked up where it was coming from and it’s only 40 minutes away. So it MUST come today. So here I am, sitting on my window sill waiting, as I have been since… 8 AM.

YES. eight AM

Hey, we’ve all had things we can’t wait for!! Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. Well this is BETTER THAN ALL THOSE!!