Journa-Blog: Macbook Pro is Finally Here!

Hey everybody! Sorry its been literally…well, forever since ive written a blog post. Ive just been so extremely busy! With college starting (my first week just passed) and this laptop situation i had, i never had any time or any way to blog! ( I sold my iPad, my main blogging tool). 


So today i bought my laptop, and i got the best deal ever. No seriously. The best deal ever. I got a Macbook Pro that i found off of craigslist at the perfect time and the perfect day. It turns out, the laptop which im now comfortably typing away on in my bedroom belonged to a guy that just graduated from my college. He’s the video editor for the LA Clippers, and does all their highlight reels and website design, and he used this very laptop to do it. 


Okay? So whats the big deal? No, unfortunately the big deal isnt that he has a really sweet job (No offense dude), the reason why this laptop happens to be more special than anyone elses, is that he used this laptop for his job…which means Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, all Final Cut Pro X’s, Element, Microsoft office, Windows 7, Garage Band, Lightroom, Color, and a lot of others (which i have no idea what they do) on it! Thats like 2000 dollars in expensive, movie level apps! Plus, he added in a 4000 dollar memory on it… all for the price of $500.


Can you believe it!? So i just got the coolest macbook pro ever, with everything i could ever need added into it, for a fraction of the price in store. This guy was so cool too! So be prepared for tons and tons of blogging from me, as well as a few vlog posts once we get some internet in this house! (im currently tethering my iPhone). 


Im really looking forward to all the professional level vlogging and videos im going to make with all these resources i have now. This is like a dream come true.

Thanks for reading! Love, EvaImageMe being a creep at Starbucks with my dad, where we met up for the exchange.