Journa-Blog: A Day In Hollywood!

Hey bloggers! So today my adventure is Hollywood! Ahh, a place of celebrities, fashion and culture (more like tourists, pigeon poop and wannabe batman costumed men). 

Today I’m going school shopping with my family for my little sister. Were going to this store that sells clothes that were used off of movie sets, so like say you really liked the outfits that the cast of Pretty Little Liars wore, well, unless the wardrobe stylist gave the clothes to the actresses, they sell it to this store were going to! And then you go to the store and look around and can buy clothes that were worn on sets!

Ive never been there before, but my mom and dad have, and my moms brought back tons of really cute clothes from Guess and Hollister (ect.)

So I’m really excited to see if i can get any great finds! Heres what im wearing today:


A lucky brand cotton tunic thats super comfy!! Its got this really cool embroiderment all over it. Im also wearing some jean shorts. 


Im also wearing these Steve Madden Sequin boating shoes, which i got off of the last chance clearance at TJ Maxx for… FIVE DOLLARS. they were originally 70, and they’re a half size too small but happened to fit perfectly! So, score for Eva!


I’ll be back tonight to haul all the stuff i got today 🙂 ImageImage