The Cutest Laptop Bags and Sleeves For Girls


I absolutely adore the Marc Jacobs commuter case. It comes in tons of different patterns and colors, the fabric is Nylon (kind of feels like a windbreaker jacket), and its even got a shoulder strap! The best part is, to me, it passes the safety test. I mean, its not heavy duty protection, but it’s not skimpy. It’s got some good padding on the sides. For a starting price of $100, i say its not worth it. But the fabulous patterns are begging me to buy.

Marc Jacobs Dreamy Neoprene Sleeve $58+

Marc Jacobs Dreamy Neoprene Sleeve $58+


This is another Marc Jacobs find, only this is a laptop sleeve. These also come in Ipad Version, and go up in price by $10 if you want it in a 15” or 17” size. The thing i love about these are the fact that they come in virtually any color you love, and the gold faceplate adds the perfect amount of class to it, making this sleeve very personal and beautiful. The inside features a “fur” feel, only when compared to the Knomo sleeves, the MJ sleeve fails. The downside is the safety. This sleeve offers nothing more but aesthetics, and has absolutely no padding to protect the laptop.


Knomo Laptop Sleeve $58

Knomo Laptop Sleeve $58

This is my case! So this is one of the Knomo collection’s sleeves. Knomo is a luxury handbag company, and i highly recommend this company if you’re looking for a more classy, work worthy laptop case or sleeve. What i love about this case is that its super easy to clean- not that I’ve had to clean it yet, but the outside of the case proves to be easy to just wipe off any little thing that gets on it. With neoprene sleeves like the MJ ones, you can say goodbye to the perfection with one drop of sauce. Another thing, which is actually is my favorite thing, is the fur. Oh, my, goodness… The inside of this case feels like you’re hugging a giant teddy bear, only like…a luxury teddy bear. You’d have to feel it for yourself, but let me tell you, the fur is what made me purchase this. By the way, if you’re looking for safety, this case is your best bet. I could talk all day about this company, but I’ve already blogged specifically about this case, so check it out, or visit their website!


Knomo Laptop Bag $120


This is just one of the millions of Knomo laptop bags offered, but it’s to me the most practical, because I’m looking for one that’s easy to ride a bike with! Most of the bags on the Knomo site are more fit for women who travel a lot on like business trips and airplanes, because there’s a lot of totes offered. Theres one in every color, but the colors are modest. If you’re looking for fun, id go with Marc Jacobs. If you’re looking for “scholarly business mom” I’d go with a Knomo.

Betsey Johnson Laptop Bag $30

This Betsey Johnson Laptop Bag is super trendy, it feels really sturdy and it’s very easy to clean, due to the thin “plastic-y” coating on the outside. I saw these at TJ Maxx for $25, but in stores I’m guessing they’re about $50+. I like them because of the style, but i don’t like how it doesn’t offer a shoulder strap. Thats the only thing that would keep me from buying this! It also comes in blue and hot pink, which are both sold at TJ Maxx.


Vera Bradley Laptop Bag $50

Ahh, Vera Bradley. I’m pretty sure everything made by Vera Bradley is adorable. That’s why i love these laptop bags! Priced right in my range, has a shoulder sleeve, and looks amazing, this will probably be what im going to go with. I can’t say much about this one, because i’ve never seen any Vera Bradley laptop cases in person, but i’ve explored their recent collection in a store today, and i’ve gotta say im in love with the cosy quilted fabric.


Kerri Mack Eva Laptop Bag $116


Okay, so this is way out of my price range, but it looks like a million dollars, and i love the structure! Plus, its called the Eva bag… hehe, thats my name! Downside? No shoulder strap (boo hoo)


So for now, thats my first list of amazing laptop sleeves and bags! I hope you found something you loved! Happy Shopping, i’ll soon blog about what i ended up getting!