What’s new on my iPhone? (App and Song Haul)

Want U Back -Cher Lloyd

1. Want U Back – Cher Lloyd

A poppy new song by an English girl who got famous off of the X Factor. It’s really catchy, i’d say it’s even catchier than Call Me Maybe!


Video Star -Free


2. Video Star -Free App

For a free app, Video Star is pretty cool. It’s simple and totally time consuming for when you absolutely have nothing better to do and don’t mind turning into a rockstar to lipsing to your favorite songs in your music. I always delete the videos after i watch myself be an idiot, i mean, who really needs to keep a mediocre music video. But it’s funny to pretend to be a singer sometimes!

3. X Flip Photo- Free App

No picture for this one, but don’t you kind of hate how the iphone flips your front facing camera photos? This is a quick app that lets me flip them back, because sometimes flipping a photo just makes you look downright disfigured.

4. The Night Out – Martin Solveig

I’m kind of in love with this song. It’s my new favorite “get pumped” song, and i love listening to it while riding my bike or driving at night. It makes me always feel like i’m getting ready for something¬†awesome.

5. Parking Lot – Nelly Furtado

I think this might be an old song, but i heard it on the radio last night and it was super catchy. It just makes me want to jump up and down! I mean, in reality, its probably a terribly annoying song, but while I’m typing and aren’t really paying attention to what im listening to too much, its the perfect song to wake me up and want to kind of shake my butt in my seat and nod my head. It’s also a really good work out song, i should think.