Style Tip Of The Day: How to Buy Purses Correctly

So yesterday i was at Ross, a place i rarely go into, yet i was helping my little sister shop for some school clothes. After way too many minutes of scouring the racks, i decided to browse around.

I enter the purse isles. 

And this absolutely gorgeous Guess leather satchel with gold accents and a paisley pink inside screams

Buy Me!!!

I can’t. I’ve spent all my shopping money, and i already have a few good purses. But i eyed it, practically drooling the whole time we were in the store. Oh, i forgot to mention, the price was $50.00, a $70 dollar price drop from the in store price.

Okay, so why didn’t i get it, correct?

I didn’t get it because i didn’t have the money to get it…well i did, i mean i have $5000 dollars of financial aid money for the semester. But the point is, i’ve budgeted the money, and i know just how much i should be spending each month, and on what, and a new purse, no matter how amazing it may be, isn’t in the budget.

Buying Correctly: The Rules

Rule #1

If you already have it, put it down.

This basically means, if you already own a tote, you don’t need two. It will just create extra clutter in the closet, and a harder decision to make in the morning. Buy one really nice tote that you can use for all your totally tote-worthy moments. Invest like 50-100 dollars in an absolutely gorgeous tote, or go shopping at TJ Maxx (even better!) and only spend $30 on something that looks like a hundred dollars (and probably was at one time).

Nine West Frequent Flyer Tote

This is the tote i have. I got it at TJ Maxx for $30, and it’s the Nine West Frequent Flyer Tote!

Rule #2

                Don’t repeat colors.

I don’t care if your favorite color is pink, or if you love black purses. Expand your horizons! Your’e only going to want to go out and buy more purses if all your purses are the same color. It might be hard to comprehend, but say you only have black and brown purses, and you own about 10. When all your purses are the same color scheme, you only have one purse. One purse to the world (like they’re really going to remember every distinct purse) and one purse to you (you only have one color to match with everything! Theres no point in choosing a specific purse, theyr’e all going to look fine). 

People remember distinct things by color. Just as if you owned a ton of blue t-shirts, a lot of people would think you only owned maybe 2 0r 3 shirts to your name, just because they can’t possibly keep up with memorizing each different blue shirt, they at the most can only handle memorizing three. Purses are even more so hard to memorize.

So learn to appreciate more colors. If you still aren’t comfortable with lively colors, heres a few to stay on the safe side with

Black – Go with a Leather purse, structured

Camel – Suede, Sophisticated Tote

Hunter green, canary yellow or deep red- Satchel, Leather (See, Fossil Satchel) 

Rule #3

Know the function of each purse, and buy accordingly

I wouldn’t take a camel suede cross body to the beach. I would take a canvas tote! Therefore, i need a canvas tote for beach days, so none of my other purses get ruined. 

This is how to shop smart.

Oh, my, GOSH, this canvas purse is half off, it’s only $10 and its super cute! I mean, its the middle of fall, but eh! its on sale!

Thats how to shop stupid.

Yet I myself am guilty of wasting money like that all the time. One way i stop myself from doing this is by making frequent lists of things i need and want, this way, i know how much money to approximently save to get the things i want, plus, i get the thrill of knowing i get to go shopping, rather than stumbling upon the clearance rack of Macy’s and buying everything. Im satisfying myself by knowing i get to go shopping, keeping myself organized by checking things off my list, and saving money by knowing ahead of time just how much I’m willing to spend on a certain idem.

Heres an example from my list i just made last month:

A Back Massager from Brookstone

New Drapes for my Window

Leather Boots

Some throw pillows

So here’s how i attacked my list. I saved up my money and wrote down next to the idem just how much approximently everything is, for example, a back massager is probably $30-$99.00. After i did that, i figured out how much money i had to spend. After i do that, i pick certain days to browse the mall or TJ Maxx or Nordstrom’s Rack for some good deals on what I’m looking for!

Trust me, all these  things have helped me immensely. It’s almost like i have… Super Saver Vision when I’m in a store! All i see is what I’m looking for! And that’s how you can save yourself a little money when shopping, especially for purses.