Dancer Spotlight: Contemporary and Jazz Dance Artists!

Hey dancers!

So it’s around that time when everyones thinking about what songs they’re going to choreograph to for their teams. If your’e a jazz dancer, or maybe a fun jazz contemporary dancer, i totally know how extremely choosy the process is of choosing that perfect song. I think song selecting can be fun too! If you’re pointed in the right direction. Without further ado, heres some of my insider advice on some of my two favorite artists i love to dance to and see dances to.

#1 Roisin Murphy


Roisin Murphy

If your’e an avid So You Think You Can Dance watcher, you may remember the Barbie and Ken dance from i believe season 6, which was danced to the song Sinking Feeling  by Roisin Murphy. Her songs are totally quirky and jazzy…like, as jazzy as jazzy gets without getting too “competition show tunes” …you know what those look like (cough…”You Make Me Feel” by Cobra Starship should be banned for competition). Roisin Murphy’s every song provides a great platform for an amazing dance, but my favorites would have to be:

Sinking Feeling

Ruby Blue


Royal T

Night of the Dancing Flame

Momma’s Place


The list could truly go on and on and on, because like i said all of her songs could work, but these are my most favorite songs by her.


#2 Goldfrapp



Goldfrapp is just awesome if you want a total girl power jazzy “Im awesome” dance. She exudes confidence, poise and charm with her poppy, electric and dancy beats paired with a sultry voice. Her songs really allow people to tune into a dancer’s movement, just because her voice is… how do i explain this, she kind of drags out and melts every word like a whisper song, so it kind of makes a dancer’s moves flow better. Wow, that was artsy.


My favorite songs once again could go on forever, but some good songs i can vouch for are:

Ooh La La


Number One

Strict Machine

All these, paired with a great, confident dancer who loves to work a crowd would definitely equal some high scores and great audience feedback!


Hope you enjoyed my little list of songs to look to! I’ll most likely be doing some more artist blogs for dancers. I know how sucky it is looking through the worst songs ever that people suggest.