JournaBlog: College, Internet and Home Decor


Well, first of all I’d love to finally say “Welcome Back To Reality” to myself. Living without internet is really tough!! Just today we finally had a Time Warner Cable guy come over and install some internet so i can finally be a functioning human being again.

Seriously, i haven’t been putting out decent blogs for about a month. I don’t blame you for not reading what i managed to scrape up and type off of my iphone’s keyboard, but for the stable 23 or 24 viewers that have been keeping my moral afloat, thank you.

On to the good stuff,

So now that i actually have a good internet connection, my trusty Macbook and a whole new batch of experiences for college, trust that i will be blogging just about non-stop. In the future I’m planning on tossing out a few videos and hauls because as we all know…i buy a lot of shit. Good Shit.

Which reminds me, i’ll be doing some reviews on the following:

Revlon Frost and Glow Highlighting Kit (spoiler alert, its AH-MAZING)

Loreal Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner, Sulfate Free

A review and haul on the awesome bed accessories i picked up and where to get a designer bed for cheap

A review of some facial washes from Neutrogena

If you have any products your’e skeptical about, just let me know and i’ll test them out!

Anywhoo, College is turning out to be not all i hoped for, in all honesty. I have no friends… commuting sucks. So i started this awesome facebook group called CSUF commuter refuge, and it was a hit! It’s basically a meet up page for all the awesome commuters at my school, and it’s proven to work amazing. I’ve made a ton of cool friends off of it! Classes are pretty easy…except Psychology 101… too many vocab lessons. So i might be putting out some short little reviews on chapters of psychology not only to help myself study, but just in case someone else out there wanted to read about psych, or needed some extra help studying too!

Thats all for today, i know it’s kind of “State Of The Union Status”, but i hope you look forward to my next blog posts. I’ll be throwing in some Mac App and Adobe App reviews as well! So follow me and give me feedback. I love hearing from you!

Thanks! Eva

P.S The photo of me was edited with Photoshop, which i will be reviewing!