Updates to IOS 6 on the Iphone that aren’t so hot.



After playing around with all the new IOS updates, i realized there were some things that apple did that i didn’t particularly like, such as the new music player, the keypad, passbook and Itunes. Lets get started.


Music Player

Say goodbye to the old and familiar, classy and organized music player. Apple has opted to go modern and use a more futuristic approach, using grey-scale, gradient detail for the background, washing out colors to all be grey tones. Apple’s also taking away the music toggle bar area’s familiarity and changing it’s color to a translucent black with grey volume slide bars. If you like a sleeker, modernized look, this will work well for you. For me it feels a little “android”.



I absolutely loved the old black and green keypad. It was gorgeous and added the perfect depth and… i want to say luxury look to dialing numbers. Apple has gone with another android steal, changing the keypad to all white, which quite frankly makes the blue and green stand out in a very elementary way. It’s certainly not adult to me.

Old V.S New (Right Old, Left New)




Good luck finding and browsing apps easily. Itunes now finds it more important to showcase an app’s icon larger than ever before, fitting around 3 or four to a screen, instead of making them tinier like before and actually allowing some form of educated selection. If you want to download an app, you should already know what the name of the one you’re looking for is. Otherwise, have fun swiping for a long time.


Passbook really got me excited… in theory. When the app is installed, it really only offers around 6 choices of apps. An airplane ticket app, a Sephora beauty insider app, a Starbucks app and a fandango app. Now im sorry, but that isn’t enough to convince me to use it. Theres a ton of people just like me who rarely fly on airplanes. So all the airplane apps are out. And then the people who are jet setting on airplanes…they normally aren’t going to shop at Sephora for overpriced makeup. Once there’s a larger selection of apps that are passbook approved i might start to use it. But don’t expect to get much use out of it the first few months unless you’re a Starbucks drinking, movie addicted, expensive makeup buying businesswoman.


Apple now has it’s own you tube app, which means you can say goodbye to that old TV icon (personally… I never liked that icon), but Apple completely shits on it’s old YouTube app by making you manually download it’s app, only to be disappointed that it takes on the android look once again. With an all black and white appearance, it’s clear Apple is definitely trying to modernize. But the classic, timelessness of Apple is what personally, I really liked.

I liked how Apple products were different from anyone elses. Unique and clean and linear. I just got off of having the world’s shittiest android phone, and i really didn’t want to upgrade to IOS 6 to downgrade some of the apps i loved and used the most on my Iphone. I wish we could pick and choose what we wanted to keep! Until next time, I’m Eva Gutowski and your’e reading LittleMissGlu.

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