How To Be a Good Homecoming Princess

Hey Everybody! Well, teenage girls to be exact. So as we all know Homecoming Week is coming! And Homecoming Week means Homecoming Court. I was so lucky to have gotten the experience to be on court, and it was such a fun few weeks! I made this video just to talk about my experience and although it doesn’t even scratch the surface to describe everything, i hope this helps you get pumped and i hope it gives you some good advice to what to expect and get out of it! I had taped a part 2 video, yet i haven’t gotten around to uploading yet. When i do, it’ll be up on my blog. But it probably won’t be up for another week so if anyone is even on court that reads this blog and really wants to see part 2 soon, ill have it done that day. Part 2 is actually better than part 1. I don’t do videos often so i have no idea where to begin.