Why It’s Better To Update To IOS 6 then buy Iphone 5

Iphone 5

seemed amazing to me at first when i watched the hour-long Apple keynote. I wanted it so badly. That is, until IOS 6 came out. Now, if you currently are using the Iphone 4 and are illegible for an upgrade, the Iphone 5 is totally practical. But for those who have a 4s or a 5, I’m here to say that almost everything you get with the Iphone 5 can be installed for free by upgrading to IOS 6. If you want a comprehensive list to every new feature on IOS six you can click this link right here


IOS 6 on the 4s comes with tons of cool new features, features that Apple boasts about extensively in their keynote, creating the illusion that it’s exclusively for Iphone 5, when in fact, it’s not. With the IOS 6 upgrade, your 4s will get panorama camera (something Apple brags about for the Iphone 5), you’ll get passbook, you’ll get the all new Maps Application and many other features that are on the list i linked.

What Your’e Missing Out On:

You’ll be missing out on the 4 inch screen and the 4G speed, which is a bummer, but if your plan isn’t allowing an upgrade, I’m glad to tell you that you won’t be too disappointed, thanks to IOS 6 updating your old phone for free. You’ll definitely see a change with your phone’s interface, such as the dial keypad, the new music player and the new settings. Also, if you’re a big emoji user, there’s over 50 new ones!

Bottom Line

Don’t be too sad if you can’t get the new Iphone in your hand for another few months or years. IOS 6 covers 100% of Iphone 5’s interface changes and upgrades, and updating will make your Iphone 4s or 4 feel good as new!