Journa-Blog: One Year Anniversary Ideas

Today is my boyfriend’s and my 11 month anniversary! As exciting as that is, it now unleashes the countdown to one whole year. That being said, i really want to do something special for him. The problem is that i don’t have that perfect idea yet, you know? I’m new to this “one year” thing. Nick is the first boyfriend that’s lasted over three months. (Hey, don’t judge, I’m 18!). So far i have a couple ideas that i’m liking, and I’m going to share them with you, just in case you might be looking for ideas too! I’d love it to hear what your creative anniversary ideas are and how they turned out!

1. Photo Scrapbook

I’ve been trying to pile up on the photos taken of us so that someday i can create a little photo album of us. I’m thinking of going down to Micheal’s and working my scrapbook magical fingers. The problem with this is… is this too cheesy??

2. A Blast From The Past

My next idea is to recreate our first date. Cute in theory, except all we did was saw a movie and then went to my old elementary school and played on the playground. I guess it could be cute… but theres no POP!

3. A CD of Music Explaining How I Feel

My next idea was kind of stolen from my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend, who made a CD for her car of his favorite music. This would totally be great… except i listen to really good music that would explain my feelings, and Nick listens to crazy oldies rock guitar music, Nickleback (shudders) and well, bands like that. Basically my total opposite, except i’ve learned to deal with it since we take his car everywhere. His car, his music.

As you can see, my ideas dont exactly measure up to the extreme love fest i want. I want it to be perfect, because i want to show how much I’m in love! Any ideas are excepted, i mean, we could do pretty much anything. So yeah, thank’s for reading, and i hope i can get at least one awesome idea!!