Journa-Blog: College Talks

So as I’ve made clear before, I am in fact, a college student. College was like this huge thing to me when i was little. I wanted to get away so so bad! And Zoey 101 didn’t make it any easier. She pretty much made me dream about boarding school every day. Now that I’m finally in college i feel sort of…disconnected? I mean, its impossible, i repeat impossible to join something and actually feel like you’re a part of it. Like in high school you have ASB in class on your schedule. College ASB is like a text the day of saying “hey there’s a meeting today at 4 be there!”. UM, NO? That’s not how commuting works, girlfriend. Especially for me, since i have no car.

So yeah, clubs and organizations can be ruled out of things i can do. Sororities? Bah! If i can’t make club meetings how will i make sorority events?? And it was a dream of mine to be in a sorority all my life! Like in the movies! So Rush week just passed and i missed out on that.

The last thing i had to cling to was dance team tryouts and cheer tryouts. Something I’m good at, love to do, and have a chance to do! My mom was all in too! Except the whole damn world tells me auditions are the 27th and 24th, this week, and i go to check the exact details online and i see “congratulations to our Newest Members!” with a picture of pretty dance girls…mocking me -___-

Apparently they decided to shift everything a week earlier and only thought to post it on their twitter. Yeah, because every hopeful dancer out there has a damn twitter they check periodically. So i missed that too.


So now I’m just, well… a loner. I thought things would be soooooo much different. I thought I’d have friends like i always do. I thought I’d have my group, friends i can always eat lunch with and count on and talk to. As of now, it’s going on my first month in college and i haven’t done absolutely anything after school except sit around with my boyfriend on some days. No wild college parties (i always hear about them from my friends with cars), no dinners, no sororities, no shopping days, no beach days, NO NOTHING.

And it sucks, it absolutely positively sucks with all my heart that I’m missing out on it all, all because I’ve got no license!