Journa-Blog: The Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Journey Begins!

Have you ever heard of Fish Oil? Biotin? Well a while ago (say, a year ago) i was really reading a lot in magazines like Seventeen about how these products pretty much take your health and amplify it to the next level. I’ve heard stronger and shinier hair, longer and thicker nails and many many more amazing benefits. So i went out and bought them all. To be exact, i bought Women’s Ultra Mega Active and Fish Oil 1000, both from GNC. Below, ill do sort of a summary of what the bottle promises.

Women’s Ultra – approx. $50

So this is a big bottle of 160 caplets. It’s called a “Dietary Supplement”, although i don’t think it has anything to do with weight. It says its good for breast and bone health, and if you want to get reeeeal technical and read the back, it’s got about every vitamin and mineral you can think of with a whopping 100% daily value filled next to it. You should be taking this twice a day with food. Its a huge powder pill that smells like diet chocolate…good luck swallowing that thing.


Fish Oil 1000 mg

The fish oil comes in a way easier pill form. Although still intimidatingly large, it’s the slimy kind, so it goes down easier!! It’s actually funny, i just noticed that the bottle labeled the pill “Lemon Flavored”… because we all actually take a moment to savor the (flavorless) pill in our mouths. This fish oil supports a healthy cholesterol and healthy blood pressure levels. It also promotes brain, skin, eye and joint health.


Okay, so now that i’ve introduced all of what i’m using, ill get into why! Well after spending $70 dollars worth of vitamins, i let those two products sit in my shelf for months. I just got so discouraged, and after taking a whiff of that huge powder pill, i never turned back. Recently i saw a really inspirational video on a girl just like me, who had long hair, cut it, and didn’t think she could ever get it back. After a looooong three years, she finally did. And her hair is beautiful. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for a while now. You see, my hair used to be really long and pretty. Then i decided to go behind my mom’s back and cut it into a bob, since it was spring and really hot and my hair was always getting in the way. It was a really stupid 8th grade moment. Ever since then, my hair has barely grown. Growing short hair is a lot harder then growing already long hair. When your’e always having to straighten your hair, it becomes a lot easier for breakage to occur when your hair is eight inches long instead of 14. So no matter how much i condition my hair and massage my scalp and do all those crazy methods…nothing works since i always will have the constant breakage problem.

Right now i’m wearing extentions, since that really helps to get my hair grow (since I’m not touching it as often), but for the top half of my hair, it remains a constant length as the rest of my hair grows. That is my problem. So hopefully this fish oil and vitamin plan that i have will work!

I can’t really review these products yet, because today was my first day. This is just a little intro into what i’m starting! Thanks for reading and within a week or two i’ll have a two way mark blog.