My names Eva and i just graduated high school! I have this crazy dream to someday be the next Oprah/Tyra banks. They’re just amazing to me, what they do for people and how far theyve come. Im an actress, though more in the past then present (kids say the darnes’t things!) because right now I’ve been focusing a lot more on advanced and competitive dance and journalism. I want to someday be a reporter or editor of a magazine like cosmopolitan, eventually write books (which I have before!) but actually get one published, and soooomeday have my own talk show.

I’ve always loved to write and am open to suggestions from anyone because I’ve tried just about everything In fashion and beauty and my dads a computer expert so I know loads about new technology. Hopefully I can help you out! I’ve never tried blogging before, but hopefully this will give me some great practice for an internship in journalism!

Love, Eva.