Eva’s College Wishlist!

So with college coming up, my freshman year to be exact, you can expect me to be going crazy with deciding what I’m gonna buy to lead me to success this first semester…alright… Continue reading

Hair Extensions 101

So by now if you’re a follower, you’ve probably seen a picture of me! Little did you know (unless you’re a genius) I’m wearing hair extensions! Girls, if you’ve ever thought about hair… Continue reading

The cutest wedding photo. Ever.

So I saw this on pinterest, and I just had to share it. Can everyone agree on how precious this is? It makes me just want to get married! Like damn… If only… Continue reading

Dating on a budget

So as everyone probably knows by now, the economy’s not all it used to be. Should that stop relationship from budding? Hellllllll to the NO! But does it? Indeed. Sadly, I’ve had guy… Continue reading

My college dorm: equestrian chic!

Looking for some dorm room inspiration? Mine is inspired by a female equestrian horse jumper. No, you don’t have to be a horseback rider to have a room like this and no, it… Continue reading

So long, dirty makeup bag!

Ladies, if youre not a pinterest-aholic, you probably haven’t come across this invention that’s swooping the girl world; the magnet makeup frame. So like me, you’ve probably encountered this a few times: reaching… Continue reading

Trust your girlfriend

Boys; If you’ve been dating your girlfriend for months now, you should probably trust her pretty well… If not, I don’t know why you’re still dating her. Trust comes like, the first two… Continue reading

Dorm room design

Moving into a dorm soon? Afraid your style may not be able to flourish In such a small space? The perfect solution to this is by trying a loft bed! A loft bed… Continue reading