How To Be a Good Homecoming Princess

Hey Everybody! Well, teenage girls to be exact. So as we all know Homecoming Week is coming! And Homecoming Week means Homecoming Court. I was so lucky to have gotten the experience to… Continue reading

Why It’s Better To Update To IOS 6 then buy Iphone 5

Iphone 5 seemed amazing to me at first when i watched the hour-long Apple keynote. I wanted it so badly. That is, until IOS 6 came out. Now, if you currently are using… Continue reading

DIY: Check Out My Newly Decorated Room!

This was shot on my iPhone, so the quality isn’t like…ahmayzing. But here’s my bedroom and a little tour to go with it! Virtually everything is new inside it, so if you see anything you love just comment and i’ll tell you where to get it for cheap!

Fall Beauty: A comfy look with syle

Fall Beauty: A comfy look with syle by skatesurflove featuring high heels Madewell Brandy melville Dkny High heels Vintage handbag Amrita singh Oliver people

Updates to IOS 6 on the Iphone that aren’t so hot.

  After playing around with all the new IOS updates, i realized there were some things that apple did that i didn’t particularly like, such as the new music player, the keypad, passbook and Itunes. Lets… Continue reading

Exclusive and Free Desktop Wallpapers from Fossil Vintage Brand

Fossil Leather Company, you know, the company with the expensive vintage purses? Well they have a blog too! Years ago, they made desktop wallpapers for laptops. They are soooooo cute, but they aren’t… Continue reading

IOS 6 on the Iphone 4: I took the update!

So after about 40 minutes of watching my iphone tell me “Estimated Time Remaining: 2 Minutes” and an extensive and agonizing wait watching my iphone reboot itself, TWICE, i finally updated to IOS… Continue reading

DIY in 2 seconds: The Felt Flower Pin

Felt Flower Pin This was a DIY project i got extremely lucky on, and i absolutely love my results. I’ve been liking the hair flower accessories for a while now, but never wanted… Continue reading

DIY Vintage Rustic Barretts!

      “Oh so ‘Tess of the D’ubervilles”   So recently i’ve been craving to do some arts and crafts. Today i stopped by Micheal’s for about 10 minutes, scavenged the clearance… Continue reading

JournaBlog: College, Internet and Home Decor

Hoorah! Well, first of all I’d love to finally say “Welcome Back To Reality” to myself. Living without internet is really tough!! Just today we finally had a Time Warner Cable guy come… Continue reading