My Best Advice: Freshman Entering High school, my story

I remember when I was becoming a freshman in High School. Yes, I’ll admit I totally watched all those “advice for freshman” YouTube videos people made. I was so excited beyond belief. Clothes:… Continue reading

Journa-blog: Im Comfy and Cute at the Mall!

Shopping Days are the best days ever! What’s my number one tip I can offer anyone? Own a fashion piggy bank! Its your own personal piggy bank for achieving fashion goals. Say you… Continue reading

Journa-Blog: Finally Blonde!!

Finally (sighs), I’m blonde! Well, highlighted pretty blonde! So before I forget, I want to tell you the numbers, photos, ect. I got a number 7 base, which is like an ash brown… Continue reading

The Two Ingredient Exfoliant: Save that Spa Money!

This going to seem really short and simple. But a lot of women don’t know this secret that’s sitting in your pantry! I once read it a few years so that brown sugar… Continue reading

Blog-Haul: My New Nike Womens Flex Trainer 2’s (total GYM MODIVATION)

So for a while now I’ve been having my eye on a pair of good running shoes. Not the generic kind that you buy at Walmart, a reeeeally good pair, that got me… Continue reading

Review: Sephora Matifying Compact Foundation

I’ve been eyeing this product for a while now, you know, taking trips to sephora and pretending like its your first time and you’re just sampling makeup but you’re really just caking on… Continue reading

College-blog: The Unisex Luxury Laptop Sleeve, and cheap too!

My New Knomo Laptop Sleeve! ($10 on clearance!!!) I’m getting lucky this month! Looking for a laptop case or luxury sleeve? This secret brand I found and am totally in love with now… Continue reading

My Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses (just $10!!)

Do you absolutely love my sunglasses? Okay, ignore the hideous picture that is my unmakeuped face, but check out those sweet shades! They’re actually Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses -“hold up, Oscar De… Continue reading

Journa-blog: Underwear v.s Swimsuits

I can’t be the only one who feels this way: So women can wear skimpy little bikinis all the time in public, but the minute someone sees her in her underwear (which cover… Continue reading

Why your High School Relationship Won’t Last

I can’t tell you how many times I hear the myth that high school relationships never last. First off, that’s totally false. The truth is that plenty fail, and for good and logical… Continue reading