Blonde Hair: Do or Don’t?


So lately the big thing on my mind is highlights. I’ve made a colorful pinboard on pinterest, Scoured magazines endlessly looking for that perfect color, and even had a few mishaps along the ride (read: How Not To Bleach Your Hair). Still, I have yet to make a change on my naturally virgin dark brown curly puerto rican hair, besides the small rebellious moment where I decided to finally put bleach on it one day. From that, I have a little light brown square at my roots.

My mom has this lace front wig she bought off of curiosity, which is blonde and brown with highlights. It was atrocious. It was a crazy, wavy fake mess of hair. So a few weeks ago, I had her lend it to me (the mop of it all, which she wore once) to try on and see if I liked the color, and if that was what I liked. This extension piece had a lot of different colors going on in it, so I figured I could also hold up different strands to my own hair for reference.

So i did just that, and then it retired once again to a victorias secret shopping bag in my closet. Until last week. Last week i was having a hair mess. My two extension pieces were frazzled out with heat, and my hair was kinky from rolling around during a nap. I wanted to feel somewhat put together, so I decided to pull out the blonde mane for some hair rehab. I put it on, at 2AM (literally) and remembered that this particular fiber could be straightened, so, for fun, I got to work straightening out all the overpowering waves and flips. When I was done…the results were amazing.

I had taken this terribly formalized hair and transformed it into a sleek, sexy blonde look!! And to be honest, I loved it on me. Everything except the fact that it was a whopping 27 inches long. So I chopped off a good 6, and made it look even more believable. Still, I would never leave the house with this on. It’s just so…different!

Basically, I think lace front wigs are actually pretty cool! My sister and I both played in it a little today and it seriously looks like hair is growing right out of your scalp, although her naturally long 18 inch black hair was peeking out the back like crazy. I wouldn’t suggest these for women with long hair, unless you’re going to braid it all down. The low bun does NOT work! And I suggest these for girls looking to dye their hair. It’s a great way to see if that color is for you.

Thoughts? This is the Raquel by the Ozone collection!