The Two Ingredient Exfoliant: Save that Spa Money!

This going to seem really short and simple. But a lot of women don’t know this secret that’s sitting in your pantry! I once read it a few years so that brown sugar mixed with olive oil makes a great exfoliant. I put the two in a bowl, mixed it to where everything was cited evenly (it doesn’t have to be stirred forever, just make sure the consistency is, well, consistent), then got a towel and scooped some up and started exfoliating my body!

It smells amazing, looks kind of weird, and feels like it is definately working. And I’d say it works better than all those scrubs you buy at Walmart and target that come in a bottle. This stuff scrubs well.

After your whole body has been exfoliated, you’ll look like wet little crumbs are all over you, and you’ll feel all tingly and open. This is when you hop in the shower to rinse all the extra product off of you. After you rinse off, you should be glowing. That’s how I feel!

So all in all, this is very free, and I believe it delivers spa quality results on me!

Note: I have tan skin, and it works out really well. If you are super white, you might turn red. It should be okay, but I have no idea how light skin works…so if you think you have sensitive skin, this may be a little too rough for you!